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Johnny Ray 

Proudly made in the USA.


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Air Filters That Mean Business!


Much Better Than Throwaway Filters.


The average throw-away filter has an arrestance between 10% and 40%. The electrostatic "ULTRA" has an arrestance of 88.3% (Ashrae Test 52-1-92). (Arrestance by definition is to seize or capture).

Ultra Air Filters can mean a healthier home.


"ULTRA" is manufactured with an anti-microbial agent which inhibit bacteria, mold and fungi growth on the filter.   Allergists recommend using electrostatic air filters for better dust control. 

Ultra Air Filters are Good Investment.


  • Electrostatic air filters are a value-added product.
  • Washability cleans the air of allergy triggers.
  • Less house cleaning.
  • No ongoing replacement costs.
  • No system modifications.
  • Low resistance to airflow for system protection.
  • Built to last. Insert contents. 


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